No Manicure Monday...


And I'm sorry about it guys. 

It's been the coldest day of the year and I didn't really have anywhere to go, yet I spent the most part of the day out at the hospital.

My dad has been pestering me since I am back to go see a doctor for my spots. I waited because I was sure I had them because of the pollution in Paris, and I wanted to wait to see if it would replace itself. Turns out it didn't. Everytime I clear one, two appears.

The doctor told me I have acne. Not a surprise, but sometimes we think it's acne when it's not. So he prescribed me a cream that I'm starting tonight!

I'm excited to see how it's going to work out. He told me I need to use it for a few months, and then to check again with him if we need to readjust.

This has been the reason why you don't see a lot of pictures of me recently, even when I put makeup on it doesn't cover properly and I don't want to have my pimpled face all around the blog. I have posted pictures of that in the past, and I don't mind showing myself with a bare face once in a while but I'm also aware that seeing other people's spots is disgusting.

Other than that I started Weight Watchers again yesterday. This time I do it online, as there is no meetings near me. Have you tried Weight Watchers before? Let me know!

Also I would like to know if you also have acne, or your "spot" story!

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