Manicure Monday: Personnelle Alexandra


Yesterday I was reading Vay's post about her pamper night and she got me thinking it was time I roll out the Personnelle polishes I have and feature them in a Manicure Monday post.

And that is why I'm showing you Personnelle's Alexandra today. I bought it last year and didn't have the chance to try it. That might explain some things.

The application went well, but there was a lot of polish on the brush. It could be opaque in one coat, but I decided to put two because that's what I usually do.

Now, it might be because it's an old bottle, but the polish does those tiny little air bumps. Not sure how to call it in English. Anyway, I got lots of older polishes that don't do that. I'm not impressed.

On top of that, it took forever to dry, which resulted in me bumping the nails and ruining the manicure. I would've put some Seche Vite, but couldn't find my bottle!

I'm not sure if this is representative of all Personnelle polishes. I hope not. I have another one that I can try to compare.

It seems I don't have luck with polishes lately!

Personnelle polishes are sold in Jean Coutu drugstores, for around 4-5$

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  1. Oh non :( Je n'ai jamais eu ce problème, peut-être que certains ont une formule différente. Je dois en avoir des plus vieux de la marque Personnelle, je vais voir ce que ça donne de mon côté!

    En tout cas, la couleur est vraiment cute!

    Youhouu merci de la mention xx

  2. The air bumps or whatever other name its supposed to be called always happens to me when I paint my nails! That's why I always stick to stick on nails ;)

    She Will Be

  3. Ben oui, jsais pas trop pourquoi c'est d'meme! C'est bizarre pcq la apres 2-3 jours, les bulles ont parties! Mais bon les traces dans le vernis pas fini de sécher sont encore la elles!

  4. Yes, that's a good idea! I don't usually have those air bumps, except for the last 2 polishes I've tried :(


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