Saturday's Stuff I Like


It's starting to look like Spring here! Snow is melting and sliding off ot the roofs, yay!

I lost two pounds this week! I'm weighing myself on Sunday, so not sure what tomorrow will bring but last Sunday was 2lbs off! After a week of plateau and the other one of gaining, I'm glad to see the weight coming off!

This week I met Alexandra from Alexfashionbeauty! I told you all about it here. She was really sweet.

It has been a good thrift hunting week. I got a few home stuff and a few clothing bit. Oh and a Stieg Larsson Millenium book for 0.50$!

I went walking a few times this week. Not quite everyday yet, but the weather is starting to cooperate.

This week, Miss Vay published her "10 Blogs I Like to Read With My Coffee" and mine is there! :) Merci Véronique, ça fait chaud au coeur!

Here's to another goood week!

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