The Women Who Rocked the Brown Lips Before Kylie Jenner


Loads of bloggers have talked about the Kylie Jenner, or the 90's lips. Being older than most in the blogosphere and an 80's child, I didn't really get the appeal. In the 90's, I was a teenager and hated the world! Most bloggers were little kids, hence they idealized that period, like I do with the 80's.

But the other day, I had a bout of nostalgia for that era and wanted to watch a few The Corrs videos. Boy did those girls rocked the brown lips! This made me wonder: "Who else sported the brown lips trend back in the day?" 

Since I just mentionned them, I'll start with the Corrs ladies. I don't know how it is fair that so many good genes run in just one family! They are all stunnning and talented. Good for them!

She might be best known for her Rachel haircut, but in the 90's, Jennifer Aniston wore brown lipstick like no other!

Sultry and rebellious, are we surprised that Drew Barrymore wore dark colours in that period? Now that she conquered her demons, she is less edgy. Anyone has tried her Flower makeup range?

Posh Spice! I was sure that if one Spice was boring, it was Posh. And now she is the most talked about of the bunch yet. I guess her classic style is for something in standing the test of time!

Shania Twain. What a stunning lady. And a Canadian one too! I remember my first boyfriend in high school having a crush on her. And I couldn't blame him!

Did I miss someone? Who do you think rocked the 90's lips better?

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  1. I'm an 80s baby too and these young kids think they are inventing a new trend but don't realize we've done it already! lol

  2. Haha! I know, what goes around comes around!


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