Manicure Monday: Essie Sugar Daddy


Today's manicure is all in subtlety. The reason why is because I'm having an interview tomorrow, so might as well play on the safe side and forget about loud and bold colours for now.

Essie Sugar Daddy is a light sheer pink. Wether you put one or two coats, it stays sheer, so it's not a buildable colour. On the nails, it just appears like a sheer topcoat. I think if you would like to bring out the pink in it, you can use it in a French manicure. I went for the basic option.

Either way, it would be a great bridal nail polish.

Have you tried Sugar Daddy? Do you like French manicures?

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  1. Sometimes, it's nice to go with simple, isn't it?

    Smart move by the way. One of the people who interviewed me at my current job told me that whenever she interviews, she makes sure to check that nails are not chipped and gross. Attention to detail, you know?

    I hope you nailed it!


    Something About That

  2. Thanks Jackie!

    I was sure to be interviewed with a man, and I know men are not necessarily drawned to what us women see as neutral like a greige polish. Turned out the interview was with two men and a girl. Went well, should have the answer in a few days!


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