Manicure Monday: Another Failed Sally Hansen One


On Friday's post, I showed you a few beauty bits that I purchased recently. One of them being Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Pretty Piggy. I've tried another shade of the Miracle Gel this winter, Birthday Suit and was not impressed by it one bit.

So many people raved about the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels that I thought maybe I had a faffed bottle. So I decided to give it another go with a different shade.

This morning I proceeded to paint my nails and do nothing for the next 2 hours. To be honest the polish applied well this time, no streaky mess, but took so long to dry, again. But I was pleased and thought maybe this was it.

Then I showered. And that's when it went downhill. After only showering, the polish was all stripped. Granted, I didn't use the Miracle Gel topcoat, as I couldn't find it, for the life of me. But surely the polish should last longer than 2 hours on its own without chipping, like other brands do? This is far from the 14 days they promise.

Got this problem again with another Sally Hansen polish two years ago, the Mint Sorbet one.

Sally Hansen used to be one of my favourite brands, but it seems to be so hit and miss at the moment. Does anyone else have this problem?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish, around $12.

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  1. I haven't used the Miracle Gel Polishes yet, but this doesn't sound too good! Maybe you need to use the top coat for it to work properly?

    Just letting you know that I host a Monday Makeup Madness linky each week on my blog, Fabulous and Fun Life. All beauty bloggers are most welcome to link up one beauty related post a week. I'd love you to join in :)

  2. Yes, I don't know where it is! But with Birthday Suit, I used the topcoat and didn't like it either. :( It's a shame, I'd like to love the product!

    Will go check your linky, thanks for the heads up!

  3. Lisa-Jane Andrews13 May 2015 at 14:12

    That colour is so beautiful x

  4. omg I spent 20 freaking dollars for the nail polish AND top coat and it was garbage!!!! I'm so disappointed, I got the white one and it's lasting on my toes but my nails got yellow and weird even with the top coat

  5. What a waste! They have such nice colours, I would love it to work!

  6. Cute color, sucks that it disintegrated on you.


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