Spring Beauty Haul


I haven't bought any beauty item in the last two months apart from one product at the Lise Watier and Alexfashionbeauty event. It started out as a 1 month no-buy and then I didn't have anything special to buy so I made it for two months!

So you can guess that after two months I was let loose! I went shopping in New Brunswick last week and here's what I brought back beauty-wise!


FLOWER Shadow Play in Foxy Browns: I've seen those products from Drew Barrymore at the beginning of the year when I came back to Canada, and thought they were pretty. But I just didn't know which product to get. It seems that nothing was standing out for me so I passed it. But last week I decided this palette was cute, and it was the only one left in this shade.

Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips: I received a sample in a magazine not too long ago (you can see it on Instagram) and was impressed byt he result. I tried the original Bioré strips many years ago and didn't see any result, but I like those charcoal ones. It's fascinating in a weird way to see the gunk on the strips afterwards!

Shoppers Drug Mart

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Pretty Piggy: Decided to give the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes the benefit of the doubt and try another colour. I've already tried the Birthday Suit one, that I didn't like. But seeing so many people like those polishes, maybe mine was just a bad one, and I'll try this coral one.

Essie Bikini So Teeny: Since the Essies were on sale and even cheaper than Wal-Mart, I took advantage of it and get Bikini so Teeny, that I've been wanting since a few weeks. This was really popular about 2-3 years ago, but I still think the colour is cute.

Nails Inc Baker Street: And then Nails Inc were about half price, so I jumped at the chance to get Baker Street (regular one), that I've been wanting for a year. It looks great next to Bikini so Teeny, so maybe a manicure combining both can be done!

Maybelline Colorsensational Rebel Bloom Hibiscus Pop: Since I've dyed my hair, I decided I needed new lippy colors and I think a bright Barbie pink is great to prevent looking washed out!

Lise Watier Rouge Sublime in Amour: This one is more on the nude side, but I still think it will look great with my blonder hair.


Garnier Clean + Makeup Removing Cleansing Lotion: Why doe companies give names long like that? Anyway, I was curious to try this, and see if I like it better than the Body Shop Cleansing Oil. So far it is good but you have to go through a few times to get the mascara off.

L'Oréal Féria Wild Ombré 060: As I said, I dyed my hair a few weeks ago, but I'm not too sure about the effect, so I will probably ombré it. I found this box at Maxi for 30% off 9$, so it was now around 6$ :)

By the time you read this I will be in Rimouski and I will probably shop some more!

Have you bought anything interresting lately?

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  1. Great spring haul! I love the Essie and Nails Inc Baker Street nail polish colours.

  2. Thanks Ingrid! Yes, I'm excited about the Baker Street, I've been eyeing it for so long now!


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