June and July Empties


And here are my Empties for June and July!

I didn't post the June ones, because frankly it is quite boring, it's just some soap bars and two other things. Here they are:

Yankee Strawberry Buttercream Candle:  I liked the scent of the small one, so when I passed an order I grabbed this, and they were saying it would be discontinued (It's not, it's now an online exclusive). Well, I think in a big jar it's too sickly sweet. And it didn't burn properly, the wick is now gone, but I have lots of wax left.

L'Oréal Féria Conditionner: I got this from my home dye. I liked the scent, it reminds me of banana pudding I had when I was young. The conditionner is good.

Total for June: 7 (oh well)

And now for July, I am quite chuffed! In addition of soap bars, I got:

Nivea Sheer Comfort in Jasmine: This smells nice, but the product is rubbish. I find that Nivea deodorants can be hit or miss. Unfortunately this one is a miss.

Soft-soap Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel Body Wash: This was a gift, it's normally not a scent I would get for myself, but it was nice. As a shower gel, it is nice as well, not much to be said about that! I would not repurchase because I was tons to finish now and the scent is ok, but not my favourite.

Nutrisse Intense Nourishing Intense Colour in LB2: So I continued my blonde ombré! I should post a pic, because it's way different than my natural colour, I'm surprised every time I look at old pics! Now I think I went overboard though because my hair lacks brilliance :( But I got a few backups of this dye.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original: This was a gift, because I would never purchase the Original for myself. The other ones are way better, I don't know why people go crazy over the Original Batiste.

Collection 16 Hour Lasting Perfection Concealer: I got the shade Medium 3. They changed the packaging a bit and maybe the colour names. I loved this! This product is rightly raved about. Unfortunately it is not sold in Canada, but when I go back in the UK, I will stock up!

Sephora + Pantone Universe Black Magic Eyeliner in Raven: These are my all time favourite eyeliner for my water line. Unfortunately, they were limited edition and I only have one left :( Bring it back!!!!

Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara: This is a good mascara, the wand is not too big like most nowadays and it's a great one to lengthen and it goes well in a combo with a volominous one. I think I still have a tube of that one somewhere.

Cover Girl Bombshell Volume: This is what I'm talking about when I say big wands. This is just to big, I poked my eyes every time I used it. I could only use the first part because on the second one the wand is rubbish and doesn't pick any product. Big fail!

The Little Alchemist Papaya Cleansing Milk: Even though the name is papaya, this smells heavenly like lemon. I got this sample from Julie when I ordered from her shop, the Green Jungle. Now I want to order this, and it is always sold out!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub: This has been a staple in my skincare regime since high school. This particular tube is old though, they changed the packaging. I would repurchase it, but right now I have other facial exfoliants, but also I am looking into cleaner and less harsh alternatives.

Willow & Bloom Avocado Olive Hand Wash: This is from Dollarama and is a good soap. The scent is not what I would choose (my dad did) but is nice in the kitchen. We repurchased, but in Lavender!

Total for July: 16

Have you finished a lot of products these past months?

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews17 August 2015 at 14:52

    I like the sound of the Marcelle mascara :) BTW I did the Me-Time tag x

  2. Yes, Marcelle and her sister brand, Annabelle have lovely products! I'll got catch up on your blog! Thanks for doing it!


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