Manicure Monday: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Lemon Heaven


MsBubu Manicure Monday Sally Hansen Lemon Heaven

Well you can call me stupid if you like, but after my first two bad experiences with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, I fell for another color and bought it, Lemon Heaven.

I thought "third time's a charm". See, I don't talk about it a lot but secretly I want to find the perfect yellow polish for my skin tone. I have to say that I am blessed with a carnation that suits most colors, but it seems that yellow polish don't work with me.

And Lemon Heaven seemed to fit the bill. It is a creamy light one, but not too light. And you have to give it to Sally Hansen that they are the only one drugstore brand that do yellow at the moment. Well, at least in my remote corner of the world!

Now I have to say that this Miracle Gel is not as bad as the other two I've tried. I also noticed that if you wait for your polish to dry before applying the topcoat, you're going to waste forever. But if you just wait a little, and then put the topcoat, then it's not longer than any other one.

As for the staying power, well, it's far from the 14 days promised, especially with a light color as yellow! As soon as the polish cracks, you have to take it off because well black on yellow is just disgusting!

So, this might be the color that reunites me with the Miracle Gels. Will I buy another SH Miracle Gel? Probably, since they have such nice colors!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, around 12$.

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews10 August 2015 at 15:40

    That yellow varnish is so summery x

  2. I keep going back and forth on if I should try these or not....just last week I tried the Gel-On polishes from Bonita (available at Rite Aid). They're only $2.99 and I got amazing results from the blue color I purchased. Maybe give those a go!

    Have you tried Rimmel's 60-second polishes? I believe I see them at Walgreens for only $1.99. I'm pretty sure I purchased a yellow polish from them a few months back. I don't think Ive tried it yet, but I've tried other polishes in the line and love the formula and opaque-ness I get with just two coats. :-)

  3. We don't have Rite-Aid in Canada, well at least not in my part of the country! Yes, I've tried the 60 second Rimmel ones, but I haven't seen the yellow one. The problem I have with Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel is that I always get sucked into their pretty colours!


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