September Empties


September was a good empties month! Oh the joy of having finished products! Only in our spoiled parts of the world....

These empties is part actual empties product and part things I'm just getting rid of. I've bought a lot of stuff this summer, not necessarily beauty, as I hadn't bought anything for 2 months (good!), but I feel I need a declutter. Yep. We bloggers all go through this phase right now it seems.

Décor Maison 3025 White Peach Candle: This one smelt so good in the packaging, and it's cute as well, but unfortunately, the scent throw is non-existent. And there is also lot of soot. I'll be keeping the mason jar for sure! 

Marcelle Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Gel: I liked this cleanser in the colder month but I feel I should've got something more stripping for this summer, as my face was so oily! I might re-purchase this at some point in the future for Winter months, but right now I have a few cleansers to go through. I've talked about this in my Morning After post. 

Dove Clinical Protection Original Clean: Along with my face not behaving, I had my armpits being naughty and regular deodorant didn't make the cut. I like to use this one when this happens, as the scent is fresh, and works well with my scent. I once made the mistake of buying an apple scented deo, gosh the mix was awful!

L'Occitane Dry Skin Foot Cream: Can L'Occitane do wrong in terms of creams? I love the product, and this one was no exception. Even though I prefer the Soap & Glory on for my feet. 

BBW Perfect Beach Day PocketBac: Sometimes at BBW you have samplers to sniff Sometimes you don't. In that case, it's trial and error. This was the error part. I thought it would smell nice, but it's too strong, if I apply that before taking a bite it was making me nauseous. Will not repurchase this scent. 

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush:  I got this sample in a Loose Button box. Not my kind of scent, too floral, but I used it during summer anyway. I'm glad I can now concentrate on my chypres and fall perfumes.

L'Oréal Hair Expertise Color Radiance Shampoo: This was an ok shampoo, I now have blonde hair (ombre) and I'm kinda new to that and not sure this is this good. It smells nice though, lie candy.

So for September, it is 19 products out!

Are you in de-clutter mode as well? If so, do you have any tips to share?

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