TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume Range Review


TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume

It's been such a long time since I blogged!

I know I can say that I was busy (two full time jobs until a month ago), and that I wasn't really inspired. To be honest, in the last few months I haven't been into beauty so much, first my skin was so oily that I stopped putting makeup on because it was just useless, it would slip away after 30 minutes.

But in the back of my mind I missed blogging and liking the girly stuff. Hopefully I am back for good now!

TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume

A few weeks ago, TRESemmé contacted me to try something new from them. I said yes right away because I've had problems finding good haircare in the last year.

One of my client at the hotel is a professional haircare rep and one day I asked him what drugstore brands I should look for if I wanted good but affordable products. The first one he told me (and the only one I remember, come to think of it) was TRESemmé. Said it used to be used by hairdressers before it went mainstream. Now I have a problem with that because it seems that all brands claim to be used by professionals, and I don't really mind the claim, but since it came from him. I trust it more.

So, TRESemmé sent me their new Beauty-Full Volume range,* which includes a Pre-Wash Conditioner, a Shampoo and a Hair Maximizer. It also has a Mousse and a Hairspray.

The range is based on the reverse shampoo concept, which consists of using the conditioner first, and then the shampoo, so the hair is not weight down by the conditioner. This helps with the volume and body giving. This was my first try with the reverse shampoo technique.

The products smell nice, in that "shampoo" scent. It may be a little too strong for some. The shampoo contains SLS, which might be off-putting for some too. But it does what it says on the package. It gives volume. Personally, I don't need volume, so I don't usually buy volumizing products, but it worked. 

The downfall is, my hair tend to be greasy way more quickly than usual with this. If you have oily hair, I wouldn't recommend.

Packaging-wise, I like that the Shampoo bottle is bigger than the conditioner one. I usually do more than one shampoo, but only one conditioner round, so I always end up finishing the shampoo first. It's also nice that each has a different bottle colour, which makes it easier to tell them appart while showering. 

TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume

TRESemmé has also started a #VolumeRevolution on Instagram and Facebook where you can post your #Reversie.

Have you tried reverse (co-) washing before? Have you tried any of the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume products? What are your thoughts?

*Products kindly sent for review purposes.

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