New Jewelry: Boa Bijoux BARI via Picoum


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Picoum, a website by TV host Isabelle Racicot promoting Quebec designers if I wanted to showcase a piece of jewelry. Of course I said yes! I have to admit that I don't know enough about designers from here, but I'm always willing to promote our talents.

I chose the Boa Bijoux BARI necklace, which is a gold plated sterling silver one with a chevron looking charm. It is actually three "V" charms stacked together. When I first saw the description of the BARI, I imagined it would be nice to have a long chain with it. But the chain is short, which is also a nice style in the end. 

I sometimes wear it on its own, or with others, like the tattoo choker in the pictures below. It would also look great with a long chain necklace.

In addition to a blog, Picoum has a shop complete with home decor pieces, women and men fashion.

What is your favourite Quebecer/Canadian brand?

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