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Well hello there! 

I moved into my new apartment about 3 weeks ago, and even though we cannot change the walls paint right now (too cold for that), the place is becoming quickly homey.

As I said, I'm not quite settled the way I want to do a full apartment tour yet, but I wanted to share with you some pictures of the things I like around here. Enjoy!

The sofa is from Meubles Belisle and we bought it at Accent Meubles in the city next to ours. The throw is a garage sale find from last summer, and it has hearts on it.

My slippers are from Jean Coutu!

The frame is from Wal-Mart, with yet a picture to put in, the vase/urn was from my boyfriend's work and the socks are from Bizou.

Earrings are from Bizou and the rest is from Winners.

I love vintage-style glass yogourt pots. 

A green onion that I put in the water to grow it back. It works pretty well!

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour!

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