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What a week! In fact, it was pretty quiet, but a few things happenned, including what's on the picture ;)

I've learned this week that I was the first choice for a job that I applied a few weeks ago. It was so nice to hear that! In the end, I don't have the job because it turned out they won't be needing someone for now (the person that was asking for a transfert won't move for now). But they will be keeping me in mind for when the person will be ready to make the move. 

My boyfriend took care of one of my hyacinth plants this week. He noticed that one of the flowers was too heavy and dropping and make the remark. I said that I had to put a tutor, but didn't get around to find the material to arrange it. Then, one morning I noticed that the branch was attached to some skewers. I swooned, because I wasn't thinking about that anymore and was surprised he remembered. 

I went to a library for the first time in months this week. I usually buy my books either thrifted or a t the drugstore, but for some reason lately all I end up reading is lame. I didn't have much time to browse, but it was inspiring to see beautiful books, and the smell of all of them gathered.

Speaking of thrifting, I had the best loot ever at the charity shop yesterday. I went around once and didn't find much, but before getting out, I decided to browse the shoes once more, and then BAM! I saw a pair fo Prada shoes, in mint condition. They seemed a little big for me, but I tried them anyway and they fitted me. And then, BAM! A pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps. In the same size. And, another pair of Manolos, brown this time. And..... a pair of Chloé. The Chloés are the ones in the "worst" condition, as the brand logo has worn off on the insole, but it's still in good shape. I got all four pairs and a brand new with tag dress (worth 140$), a pair of trousers and a CD for 10$. I got to say, the shoes are genuine, I hope the lady who gave them away will be getting rid of more stuff soon so I can grab them! I like the black Manolos best, they are sexy and classy.

I might be back in the mood to wear makeup again. I don't know why I don't, I guess it's just lazyness, or the fact that I will usually do other things and then not having time for that. But anyway, I'll have to primp myself to wear all those shoes!

What about you ladies?

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