A Gloomy Day


Today is a gloomy day. But I will not complain, because yesterday was suffocating. So we need some rain in order to refresh the air. :)

I took advantage of this weather by doing some cleaning in the apartment. I'm good at keeping it tidy, but this morning when I woke up it was a mess.

What I like to do when I clean is to put a few vinyls on, as I like how it is soothing to the soul. Today I listened to Safia Nolin, Fleetwood Mac and Lana del Rey.

Of course a gloomy day wouldn't be comforting without some sort of hot beverage, and my beverage of choice is coffee!

This was how I spent my morning, I'm now relaxing and reading a little bit.

Oh! And tomorrow I'll turn 34!

How is your Friday so far?

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