Apartment Update: Living Room


So I'm back with the update from the living room! The walls are still bare, but we bought a few frames from Ikea, and we will eventually hang them up! Then it will be done :)

Come on in!

I purchased the white coffee table from a second-hand Facebook page. The concrete pot was a gift from my boyfriend, the wooden tray and glass bowls are charity shop finds. The pink and turquoise candles are from Loblaws, and the other two are from Winners.

The pillow with the coloured embroidery is from Wal-Mart, and the pillow cover with the elephants and peacock was a Camden Town find in London. I got the white throw at a garage sale.

This wooden bookshelf was a curtsied find a few years ago. It's a funny story as a few days before I was telling myself how I wanted a wooden bookshelf exactly like that and BAM! It appeared for me!

I got the marble tray from Winners and the candle from the church. The lamp was my mum's friend and even though it is not shown, I finally found the lampshade to suit it at IKEA (the JÄRA one).

The golden tray was one of the first thing my boyfriend loved in our new space. When you move with someone, it's hard to tell the reaction the some things you will put, and if the other person is going to like the style. Hopefully, my boyfriend and I get along pretty well on that too. I got the tray at Winners, along with the pink candle on it. The pineapple candle is from BMR, and the other two are thrifted. 

I love the  black and white pillow. It's the STOCKHOLM from IKEA. It is made of down duvet, so you can cuddle and arrange it anyway you like and it will regain its shape with a good shake! i got the pink flower one from Wal-Mart and the throw at Simons a few years ago.

I bought the couch from a local furniture store, and the brown coffee table was my boyfriend's.

Hope you liked the tour!

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